Beautician Training School and Beauty College in Whitby

If you dream of opening a salon or spa, now is an excellent time to do it. With several new beauty trends in high demand, improving personal appearance is a booming business.


While the salon industry grows, there is ample competition in the market. In addition to skill and the ability to provide services safely, running a beauty salon requires marketing savvy. If you are in Whitby seeking a beauty college that offers world-class training, Dakarah, Inc. is here to help your business grow. We offer individual, group, or corporate training, and customized packages to meet your needs:


  • Classic Eyelash Extension – Our two-day lash training course starts at $750. We provide customized kits and packaging, depending on your client base and immediate goals. We teach the lash techniques that set you apart from competitors.
  • 3D Volume Lash Extension – Upgrade your existing lash extension services by including the Russian Volume 3D-5D feathering. Starting at $900, this advanced 3D Volume Lash Extension service is an excellent tool for attracting new customers and boosting daily sales and profits.
  • Lash Extension Refresher Course – Our beautician training in Whitby starts at $350 and is great for aestheticians, spa and salon owners  who wish to update their eyelash extension skills.
  • Microblading 3D Embroidery – An emerging beauty trend in Canada, microblading enhances, improves, and corrects eyebrow appearance by applying a semi-permanent “tattoo,” mimicking hairlike strokes and the natural growth patterns of brows. We’ll teach how to set up, provide hands-on training to build your confidence and skill, and emphasize the importance of after care and maintenance.


Our Whitby beauty college also offers threading, brow extensions, lower lash extensions, lash lift and tinting workshops. Each course starts at $299.


Register today and you’ll soon be ready to create new income streams for your business. Our group of professional mentors guide and support you during and after the training.