The Best Eyebrow for your Face Shape

The Best Eyebrow for your Face Shape

The Best Eyebrow for your Face Shape

Determining the correct eyebrow shape to suit your face can improve your appearance. Just like hairstyles, eyebrows aren’t one-size-fits-all. An eyebrow shape may look good on one person, but seem odd on someone else. The look of eyebrows depends largely on the dimensions of each individual face.

If you’ve plucked or waxed and ended up with an eyebrow shape that doesn’t complement you, do not worry. Begin to grow out your eyebrow hair. Then, get professional help from a trained technician at a salon or spa.

To learn more about the ideal eyebrow for you, take a look at this list.

The Right Eyebrows for Face Shape:


The Best Eyebrow for your Face Shape


1. Square. For faces that are equally long and wide (similar to a square), softer and rounder brows are the way to go. Avoid giving a brow too round a shape or it may appear unnatural.


2. Round. Round faces don’t have major points or angles. The contrast of a sharp, angled brow is a good way to enhance the face. Higher brow arches on a round face add definition. (Perfect, angled brows can make up for a softer bone structure or facial definition.)


The Best Eyebrow for your Face Shape


3. Long. Long faces are characterized by features that are vertically “lengthy.” By extending the tails of a brow beyond the corner of the eye, you can balance your features. Keep in mind that allowing the tail of the brow to extend too far may make the eyes appear droopy. For the best approach, consult a professional aesthetician for eyebrow help.


4. Heart-shaped. Due to a petite jaw line and wider area in the upper part the face, a person with a “heart-shaped face” would likely choose to steer clear of bold and sharp-angled brows. Rounded and low-arched brows pair nicely with heart-shaped faces. The curve of the brow also somehow creates a heart look, which perfectly matches the face shape.



5. Oval. For this “well-proportioned” face shape, a classic and balanced brow works the best. Examine the thickness of your eyebrows. Let your facial features be the guide to achieving a good eyebrow look. If you have larger eyes, a higher forehead, or fuller lips, balance those features with thicker brows. For smaller facial features, opt for a slimmer brow.


6. Oblong. Shorter brows can enhance and frame a face. Exercise caution when trying to shorten your brows, though. It’s best to visit a reliable beauty salon for a precise result.



7. Diamond. Diamond-shaped faces are complemented by a linear brow shape or slightly curved brow. Avoid high arches because they can accentuate the length of the face.

Finding the correct brow shape is beneficial if you want to enhance your natural beauty. Maybe you’ll even feel confident going out without makeup!

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