Microblading Training in Whitby

For clients with sparse (or no) eyebrows, Microblading is a revolutionary and effective solution that enhances brow appearance. This approach uses a handheld tool with fine needles to manually inject pigment into the skin to skillfully create hairlike strokes that resemble natural growth patterns in the eyebrows. Natural-looking and more defined eyebrows are the result, lasting one to three years. If you wish to have this skill in your repertoire or add this income stream to your existing spa or salon near Whitby, microblading training is for you.


Since microblading creates a semi-permanent tattoo, it is important for technicians to learn proper microblading techniques and safety procedures to satisfy clients and get return business. The training offered by Dakarah, Inc. is specially designed to cater to the needs of both new and experienced spa and salon owners or aestheticians who are looking to add a new business income stream. When you register for our workshop you’ll receive:


  • Personalized Kit – We provide a kit that includes a carrying case, client pre-treatment and after-care instruction, microblading tools. You may use all of these items during the three-day training.


  • Instruction Manual


  • Ongoing Support and Mentoring – Our skilled technician instructors guide and assist you during and after the course.


  • Hands-on Training on Live Models – Our workshop differs from others; we offer trainees the opportunity to work on live models, not mannequins. This practice boosts confidence and increases your microblading skill.


  • Marketing and Branding Tools – Our microblading training for Whitby businesses presents the trade secrets for building a successful business.


  • Certification – After grading your work, instructors will present a certificate showing you have completed a microblading training from a certified beauty college in Whitby.


Additional training is offered for threading and brow extensions, By bundling our workshops, you can save up to $100. Build proficiency and confidence by registering with Dakarah’s professional training team today. Call us to begin your new career or add a brand new revenue stream to and already thriving spa or salon business.