OxyGeneo® 3-in-1 Facial Benefits

Facial Benefits

OxyGeneo® 3-in-1 Facial Benefits

Oxygen facials have been around for almost two decades and are widely popular in the skin care world. Many clients prefer them over regular facials because of visible, radiant effects for the skin. OxyGeneo®, labelled as a “super facial,” claims these instant results and more.


The OxyGeneo® treatment goes hand in hand with two formulas:


  • Skin lightening gel (NeoBright®) formulated to alleviate issues with skin pigmentation and sun damage


Facial Benefits


  • Skin rejuvenation gel (NeoRevive®) that targets fine lines, wrinkles, and dull complexion


Facial Benefits


Depending on the skin condition that requires treatment, one of these two formulas will be applied before the OxyGeneo® procedure.

OxyGeneo® delivers three treatments in one:


  • Exfoliation. Using a Capsugen capsule (composed of sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, and magnesium), this step removes the upper layer of dead skin. Capsugen is gentle and non-invasive. Light foam will form when buffed on your gelled skin.
  • Infusion. As cleansing takes place, the Capsugen infuses the skin with active ingredients of the selected pre-treatment gel.
  • Oxygenation. Capsugen then interacts with the treatment gel to generate micro-bubbles of carbon dioxide. This, in turn, causes oxygenation, a physiological response that attracts oxygen-rich blood to the treated area.


* Benefits *


1. Immediate Results

Your skin will benefit from a single treatment, and its effects can last for several days. Patients claim that results are dramatically visible within an hour. You may need multiple treatments, however, for long-term effects (such as improved elasticity, acne reduction, or lightening of dark spots).

2. Non-Irritating

OxyGeneo® does not involve needles, pressurized oxygen, abrasive substances, or procedures that cause irritation. It is regarded as suitable for all skin types. However, it is recommended that you consult your dermatologist or technician/aesthetician before proceeding with any advanced skin treatment.

3. No Recovery Time

Other facials (like microdermabrasion) require a few days’ down time for skin to heal from sensitivity, redness, or bruising. However, with OxyGeneo®, you can experience smoother and more radiant skin right away.

4. Natural Oxygenation

OxyGeneo® works by taking advantage of a natural physiological response to bring your body’s own supply of oxygenated blood to your face or other targeted areas.


Facial Benefits


Prepare yourself for an upcoming event or date by getting instantly smoother and more radiant skin with OxyGeneo®. Consult with our expert technicians at Dakarah Beauty Lash Lounge to determine if this treatment is suitable for you; call (905) 831-4440 or visit us at our boutique in Pickering Town Centre.

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