Tips and Tricks to ensure your lashes STICK!

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Tips and Tricks to ensure your lashes STICK!

Almost everyone loves getting their lashes done, and they look to lash techs as the ultimate provider. They anticipate great service and expect that their lashes are going to be installed correctly to produce the best look. Whether an existing client or a client experiencing it for the first time, they always await great results.

Clients Place Their Trust In Your Tweezers

As a lash tech, lashes are your specialty. However, when you cannot rise to the occasion to deliver a great experience, there are subsequent consequences that can arise.
Clients will sever their loyalty and turn to other lash specialists to provide what they need. This can cause you to lose your reputation. The outcome of this is a snowball effect, as upset clients tend to spread the word of their disappointing experience. This is certainly not something you wish to happen.

There Is Always Room For Improvement!

Despite this reality, there is hope! You can always improve your skills by attending a refresher course. This class will enable you to develop your skills and brush up on any insecurities or flawed practices that you may have adopted.
At Dakarah we offer such courses and encourage all lash specialists to attend. Even if you believe you are an expert in the application of lashes, there may be a few new tips and tricks you could learn. A little brushing up never hurts. In our course we always encourage the following practices to ensure better application and longevity:

  • Shampoo lashes before service
  • Adhere lash extensions under the lash for best retention
  • Isolate lashes to avoid sticky lashes that clump together
  • If the adhesive is stringy, dispose of it and obtain another. This will assist in providing better application
  • Be conscious of how much adhesive is used. Too much can result in an unfavourable look that appears “gluey.”
  • Nebulize lashes for 3 minutes by lightly spritzing with water to encourage better adhesion
  • Ensure that the right lash length is used, and choose thinner lash extensions for finer lashes

Dakarah Is The Ultimate Lash Shop

Here at Dakarah, we love supporting other lash techs. That is why we offer our lash refresher course that is open to all. We also provide an extensive range of lashes that all lash lovers can enjoy.
Dakarah proudly offers the most beautiful lashes in Durham! We encourage everyone to visit us to take a look at what we have to offer.

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