Why Should I Consider Eyebrow Threading?

Close up of a hands threading beautiful woman's eyebrow

Why Should I Consider Eyebrow Threading?

Eyebrow threading is an ancient hair removal technique that originated in the Middle East. It utilizes a thread (usually cotton) to remove unwanted facial hair and shape the eyebrows. This technique has proven to be a better alternative to other hair removal methods. Why consider getting your eyebrows threaded? Read this list of benefits and see for yourself:


Precision. Compared to plucking, threading eyebrow hairs is more accurate for hair removal. Plucking eyebrows one by one can be time consuming; with threading, a line of hair can be removed all at once. Threading is as accurate as waxing.


No harsh chemicals. Some hair removal methods (e.g waxing, hair removal cream, etc.) contain harsh chemicals, especially for sensitive skin. The only material used in threading is a soft cotton thread. The method has little to no contact with the skin and is less damaging to skin than other methods.


Safer. Threading is generally considered to be a safer option when it comes to hair removal (no chemicals, less damage to the skin, etc.), especially when a client uses topical retinoids or acne medications.


Lasts longer. With this technique, your eyebrows will stay in shape for four to six weeks. Plus, threaded eyebrows usually grow finer over time. The finer an eyebrow hair is, the less frequently you’ll need hair removal.


Less pain. Generally, threading is considered to be less painful than other hair removal techniques. The skin around eyebrows is sensitive; threading comes into contact with the hair only and does not remove skin cells.


It’s quick. Threading doesn’t require much time. Both brows can usually be threaded in fifteen to twenty minutes. It is less time consuming than plucking and waxing.

The hair removal method you choose depends on your comfort level and the skill of the aesthetician. If you’re interested in professional eyebrow threading or tinting, threading, waxing, or microblading, contact Dakarah Beauty Lash Boutique at (905) 239-0144 for more details.

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