What You Should Know before Microblading

What You Should Know before Microblading

What You Should Know before Microblading

Whether you’re seething with eyebrow envy or want a convenient way of looking your best first thing in the morning, microblading is a beautiful option. However, having microbladed eyebrows requires a measure of commitment and research. Before you book an appointment for this procedure, read on:


  • It’s semi-permanent.

This aesthetic technique is applied manually with a microblading tool that deposits semi-permanent pigment into the upper layer of the skin. The pigment cannot be removed by washing. Depending on several factors (including skin type and aftercare), microblading can last between one to three years. Unlike an actual eyebrow tattoo, it has the advantage of being somewhat temporary.



  • Some discomfort is involved.

Microblading involves tiny needles piercing your skin. Though the needles don’t go as deep as a tattoo needle, you will feel some discomfort. Those who are more sensitive may feel a sensation akin to pain. Expert microblading technicians place numbing cream on the area to dull the area, and listening to music or chatting with your technician can serve as distractions.


  • Skin type matters.

Your skin’s ability to retain pigment determines how your microbladed eyebrows will look and how long you get to keep them. Dry skin results in a bolder and a more defined eyebrow tattoo. Oily skin contributes to a more powdery look. Those with oily skin should adhere to the aftercare instructions their technician provides so the tattoo doesn’t fade quickly.

Other factors that will speed up the fading process are iron deficiency, exposure to the sun and/or salt water, and exfoliants.



  • A follow-up appointment is necessary.

Microblading requires two steps to complete the process. The second session is not an option and is required to get the best results. The touch-up session refines the process, correcting any unevenness and enhancing colour and definition. Schedule the second appointment four to six weeks from the first.


  • It’s an investment.

Microblading services are between $300 to $800. Follow-up appointments may range from $100 to $150 depending on the salon (some establishments include the fee for the mandatory touch-ups in their initial package price).

Microblading can be a great solution for those who want amazing eyebrows every day without having to regularly pluck, thread, wax, or apply makeup. It gives you the opportunity to look and feel your best with a set of natural-looking eyebrows.



What You Should Know before Microblading


Dakarah and our team of expert aestheticians are available to correct uneven brows, cover thin or over-plucked areas, or make them fuller. We offer microblading services in Whitby, Ajax, and Pickering. Schedule an appointment or consultation by calling (905) 831 4440 or sending us an email.

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